Anti-Bully Campaign™

Anti-Bully Campaign
S t r a t e g i e s  t o  i d e n t i f y  a n d  s t o p  b u l l y i n g
Bullying has become a national crisis in our schools and causes untold suffering to our young people.  Bullying ostracizes diverse youth, impacts academic performance, and exposes your school to the risk of litigation.  Schools can no longer brush aside these incidents as merely kids being kids.  Many students dread the physical and verbal aggression of their peers, and the isolation that comes from being the target of rumors and cyber-bullying.  With widespread access to the internet, personal information and cruel remarks can be posted and circulated to the masses within seconds.  It is imperative that schools publicize a policy that announces bullying of any type will not be tolerated.
         The essence of our Cincinnati based program is to teach all staff who interact with students to understand what bullying is and to stop it whenever it occurs.  Many schools begin their anti-bullying campaign with an all staff workshop.  Participating in this workshop is a great way to establish a common language around bullying and to train all school employees – administrators, staff, teachers,  parent volunteers, bus drivers, school nurses, counselors, coaches, etc., - in a clear and unified manner. 

            It is essential for schools to provide a safe environment for all children to learn and to thrive.  This cannot be achieved if a child attends school in a chronic state of anxiety and depression.  Administrators, teachers, counselors, school resource officers – must all work in unison to create and advertise an anti-bully environment.  We partner with schools and school districts to implement the key building blocks to create bully-free learning communities.  Our strategies have proved very effective in stopping bullies and creating an atmosphere where all children feel safe.